Noticeable principles for daily skin care!

First of all: we must first understand what skin type our skin is. Dry skin care is different from oily skin, mixed skin and complicated because it depends on each skin area. You must ensure that the product you are using is suitable for your skin.

Secondly: The skin area with wrinkles is a position where should be paid attention such as the skin around the eyes, mouth. These skin areas need special and gentle care because they are very sensitive.

Thirdly: Make sure your skin is clean deeply, healthy, well-balanced. Start with a makeup remover and wash your face thoroughly with a neutral-pH product to remove gently makeup products, sebum and dirt.

Fourth: The corner of eye is the most vulnerable area because it has a thin structure, so let’s choose the most gentle makeup remover for this area.

Fifth: Never forget to remove dead cells. Use a mild, neutral pH exfoliation product to soften your skin while maintaining natural moisture. Do exfoliation once or twice a week.

Sixth: In order to ensure that the skin is always smooth, it is very important to moisturize daily in order to balance the water in the skin. In addition to moisturizing cream, mineral spray can be used regularly, especially when your skin is in a hot environment or in an air-conditioned room.

Seventh: Use benign cosmetics without causing skin irritation. Should select products that do not irritate your skin.

Eighth: Always protect the skin from sunlight. Wherever you are, in the room or outdoors, under rain or shine, you should still use daily skin care products that contain sunscreen active ingredients. They will reduce the bad effect of the sun on the skin causing quick aging process.

Ninth: The surrounding effects have bad affect to the skin such as dust, smoke, stressful living environment. All of them cause negative affect to the skin. You should use skin care products before leaving home and product of cleansing skin deeply when being back home

Finally: Lips should also be taken care of, use lip balm regularly and exfoliate for lips

Conclusion -> You should use the product including effect of skin care and many other uses. AVADAR skin care mask is a product you should choose. With ingredient from 100% of bentonite clay, it helps to eliminate toxins, resist aging, and remove acne, makeup layer and dirt on the skin. At the same time, it tightens pores to give you a shiny, smooth, bright white skin. In addition, the product also helps to absorb heavy metals and poisons, thereby restoring damaged skin to reduce pimple bruise and dark spots significantly. The clay also contains a variety of minerals that nourish skin quickly for a smooth and healthy skin.


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