Melesma! Anxiety of many women

Melasma is a common disease for many women.

Melasma reduces the beauty of the skin as well as makes the patients less confident about themselves.

With desire to recover melasma completely, many people select melasma treatment cream.

However, not all product can help you to achieve results as you want

So which is the best melasma treatment product for you? You can find the right answer in the following article.

Some notes to prevent and limit melisma condition

Melasma is a common disease that many women deal with today.

Unlike other disease, although melesma has no much impact on their health, but it make women lack of confident because their skin has much sunburnt and dark spots

The cause of disease is very diverse including a few main reasons as follows:

  • For women over 35 years old who suffer from melasma due to hormonal changes/disorders during pregnancy or in pre-menopause.
  • Due to improper skin care such as: Regular exposure to the sun.
  • Due to allergies to unqualified creams or cosmetics
  • Due to abuse of some contraceptive drugs.
  • Due to lack of sleep, stress, anxiety causing strong development of melesma.
  • Due to congenital melesma, and after birth, it appears more and more.
  • Due to unhealthy diet, lack of essential micronutrients for skin.

Therefore, in order to treat melasma thoroughly, we not only handle the external effects but also eliminate the internal causes.

Supplement of nutrients for body through the vascular system in the subcutaneous fat layer, the skin absorbs nutrients from the body, and then supplies the epidermis and dermis.

It sounds easy, but this is a relatively long process and requires perseverance.

For the prevention and care of melesma skin from external effect, you need to apply the following ways:

> Use sunscreen regularly

Sunlight is the main cause of melasma.

Therefore, if you want to prevent it from getting worse, let’s use regularly sunscreen

UV rays will damage the skin, especially in range from 10am – 2pm.

Therefore, you should apply sunscreen constantly even on the shady days, or when you are indoor.

The reason is that the ingredients in sunscreen will protect the epidermis from being pigmented or damaged by solar radiation.

The recommended type of SPF index is 30 or more.

> Prepare a healthy diet

The diet also greatly affects the results of melasma treatment.

Let’s eat plenty of vegetables, fresh fruits, drink enough 2.5 liters of water every day to maintain the Melanin levels at allowable limits.

In addition, do exercise regularly and rest to keep your body healthy also helps your body in general and your skin in particular to be full of vitality

> Avoid anxiety, depression and stress for long time

You should give up the habit of staying up late and get stressed much because they make the skin’s metabolism and stimulate melanin to exceed the allowable limit, thereby causing melasma.

Maintaining a regular biological rhythm, sleeping enough every day, and reducing anxiety and stress are also methods to improve your skin quickly.

>> Using various types of serum and Vitamin C to treat melisma

Vitamin C is an important compound that prevents and treats melasma.

Proper and adequate use of Vitamin C will prevent formation of melanin as well as clear dark and brown spots. You can use Vitamin C applying directly on your skin or supplement it through daily foods. Vitamin C is very rich in fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lemon juice, etc.

In order to increase efficiency and shorten the treatment time, you can take support of melasma treatment product

We would like to introduce special melasma treatment product AVADAR Serum vitamin C&E with collagen. With combination of red pine extract, Vitamin C, Arbutin, HA with the most modern technology in Vietnam, this is an extremely effective product for melasma treatment. The red pine extract protects the skin from ultraviolet rays well, reduces dark spots on the skin, improves skin protection function of surface layer and helps endothelial balance, etc, It supplements Vitamin C, promotes formation of Colagen for a smooth and white skin, reduces dark spots and wrinkles. Arbutin is an ingredient that helps to increase skin pigmentation and whiten skin very well while HA regenerates cells and moisturizes skin

The first thing to note is that we have to choose products with clear origin, natural ingredients and especially harmless to the skin. Namely:

  • Select by reputable brand: products from reputable brands that have been censored by competent authorities. So they will bring you more safety and efficiency than existing products on the market.
  • In term of ingredients extracted, it is recommended to choose ingredients derived from nature. Natural ingredients are less likely to cause skin irritation, especially they are not picky and suitable for fastidious skin type
  • Consult from variety of sources before choosing melasma treatment cream: You can get experience from those who have used it effectively before by accessing to beautification forums to learn or find information from friends and relatives. Once we have share from people who are used to use those products, we will have a more general view of the product to select.


It is absolute that after reading this information, finding a good melasma treatment product will not be too difficult for women.

Wish you quickly select the product that you like with the highest efficiency.


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