Oily skin care

What is your skin type? First of all, you must what your skin type is, oily skin/ normal skin/ or dry skin. This article will help you understand your skin, cause of oil generation and introduce some products to help you take care of your oily skin effectively.

What is the oily skin?

Oily skin is a type of skin which is shiny, thick and usually not bright. People with oily skin often have large pores, much acnes and other defects. Oil appears much in the T-area causing sticky, greasy and uncomfortable feelings on the skin.

Causes of oil generation

Nutrition: Eat too much foods containing fat, oil, and lack of vitamins and minerals.

Hormones: During puberty, pregnancy, childbirth … there is a change in hormones so the skin releases more oil.

Psychology: Stress, insomnia, stress causes physical disturbance, making skin release more oil.

Dehydrated skin: Skin and water must be in equilibrium, if the skin lacks water, it will release more oil to supplement for skin.

Environment: Dirt, dust, air pollution.


Oily skin care:


1. Facial cleanser: You should choose a gentle type for all skin types. Because during the sleep, your skin releases amount of toxins, sebum and dead skin cells. The interval of 10pm – 2am is the time when your skin will excrete very strongly. Washing lightly with water cannot be clean.

2. Rose water: Balances the PH for the skin. Use toner to provide water and help your skin to limit oil

3. Moisturizer: Need to moisturize skin to balance excessive oil. You should not think that oily skin has no demand for water supply, this will cause your skin to release more oil to balance the skin. Supply appropriate amount of water supply for oily skin.

4. Sunscreen: Use oil-free sunscreen which creates a protective layer to soothe the skin, prevent dehydrated process, and limit secretion of oil. Let’s choose those with sun protection factor (SPF) below 45.



  1. Makeup cleansing: Whether you have makeup or not, you should still remove makeup even though you only use sunscreen. Because makeup cleansing will help skin to clear out the external agents causing oil. Makeup cleansing in form of milk, oil, and cream is recommended.
  2. Facial cleanser: The type for oily skin only is the best because it will clease your oil on skin. You can also use a facial cleansing machine.
  3. Exfoliating: By clay to clean deeply all dead cells, dirt, sebum, thereby making skin and pores tight, and providing good minerals
  4. Rose water: Repeat like the morning.
  5. Serum: This step helps your skin to become tight, gives water and tightens pores

Serum đặc trị nám

6. Nourishing cream at night: Now you can provide other skin nutrients because your skin is in the best absorption state.

In general, we have to spend too much time on taking care of oily skin, but now you don’t need to do much. Clay masks will solve all these problems!


Just apply 1 layer of clay every night and wait until it dries within 15-20 minutes then wash with cold water without using facial cleansing milk! Clay mask is very good at removing makeup, cleansing pores deeply, removing dirt and sebum under the skin, limiting release of oil, balancing skin and preventing bacteria. It not only helps the skin to become shiny, healthy, but also soft, smooth as well as zoom out pores, support acne treatment very well and prevent reappearance of acne. You will immediately feel your face is free of oil. Try it once and enjoy its uses!

In addition to the above care steps, you can use additional mineral spray which helps skin provide water immediately and supplement vitamins.

Diet also significantly limits the amount of oil secreted. Eat enough nutrition, limit fast food, fried and greasy food. Actively eat boiled food, cereals, nonfat milk and fresh fruits, etc.

Hopefully this article will be beneficial for those with oily skin. Wish you choose the products that are suitable for your skin.


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