The Foods You Should And Should Not Eat When You Have Acne

You concern why you use all kinds of medicine, apply all kinds of masks, and follow almost what everyone tells you but acne cannot go away?

So why don’t you think about changing the diet to be healthy and able to limit the formation of acne and bruises.

Which foods should you avoid when having acne?

1. Glutinous fooods

Not only people with acne, but those with skin wounds or incisions, must avoid it.

Because glutinous will make the wounds difficult to heal, it may be easy to cause pus.

Bị mụn có nên ăn xôi không

​2. Peanut

It is similar to avoid glutinous foods, peanuts also make your body’ wounds or acne more difficult to heal and treat than normal.

Bị mụn có nên ăn đậu phộng

3. Water spinach

It is compulsory to mention an enemy that can make acne harder, and stay on your face longer, it is water spinach.

Worse, it can make the acne emboss ugly.

Bị mụn không nên ăn rau muống

​4. Beef

Beef in particular and red meats in general such as pork, goat meat, duck meat, etc. are easy to make acne spots take a long time to heal and make it worse.

Ăn thịt bò bị thâm mụn

​5. Bread

The bread is made from wheat which causes inflammation so it’s not good for acne at all.

Bị mụn không nên ăn bánh mì

6. Fresh milk

Fresh milk contains a number of hormones that facilitate formation of hateful acne.

So, do not concern why the face is getting acnes if you keep the habit of drinking milk every day

Sữa tươi gây mụn

​7. Eating too salty

Eating too salty will cause excessive salt in your body, which makes your acne worse.

Bị mụn không nên ăn muối

​8. Stimulants

You should limit drinks that contain stimulants and alcohol such as coffee, alcohol, beer, etc.

Because stimulants make the sebaceous glands act more, causing formation of acne easier.

Alcoholic drinks will make your body create more testosterone and therefore there is a higher risk of acne.

Uống cà phê nhiều bị mụn

​9. Food with lots of oil and spices

Fried foods, especially fast food items such as potato chips, fried chicken, … are the favorite dishes of women.

However, they often contain a lot of oil and are not good for those with acne at all.

They have no any benefit apart from affecting the sebaceous glands, increasing the likelihood of acne formation and causing cardiovascular diseases and gaining weight.

Đồ ăn nhanh gây mụn

​10. Sweet foods

If you want to get rid of acne, you should avoid sweet cakes, candy, soft drinks, chocolate, so on

Generally, all things with sugar should be avoided as far as possible, except for fruits and honey.

Especially, limit adding sugar when cooking, the more you can avoid sugar, the more beautiful your skin will be.

Ăn nhiều ngọt bị mụn

​11. Carbonhydrate

High-carbohydrate foods are a strong trigger for acne, so you need to limit eating them.

We encourage you to eat brown rice instead of eating ordinary rice.

Because brown rice is whole grain, it is rich in fiber and very good for acne.

Ăn nhiều tinh bột bị mụn

​12. Hot and spicy foods

Hot and spicy foods that contain lots of chili, pepper, etc. are always enemies for people with acne.

Whenever you eat hot and spicy food, it is a great opportunity for acne to appear on your face.

Remember to remove the hot and spicy foods from your diet immediately.

Ăn cay nhiều bị nổi mụn

Which foods should you eat to get rid of acne?

1. Yogurt

Although you must abstain from drinking fresh milk, yogurt is a food you should eat.

In yogurt, there are many essential bacteria for the body. If you want to get rid of acne, your digestive system must be healthy first.

Because of getting acne, you should eat sugar-free yogurt, such as yogurt with Kefir mushrooms of Vinamilk.

Ăn nhiều sữa chu có tốt không

​2. Atiso tea

If you do not like to make artichoke cotton for drinking water, you can use filter bag of artichoke tea to make drinking water every day. Because there is sweet grass in the composition, it is very cool and easy to drink.

Trà atiso thanh nhiệt giải độc

​3. Bananas, oatmeal and honey

Here are three foods that contain lots of probiotics which are very beneficial for the body and for treating your acne.

Mật ong trị mụn

4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a good alternative for vegetable oil or animal fat in daily meals.

However, you should still avoid frying or stirring coconut oil at high temperatures because the oil will be metamorphic and not good for health.

It is best to use only for mixing into dishes.

Dầu dừa làm đẹp da

5. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is very cool, you can cook aloe vera juice daily cooling body.

It is also good to cook aloe vera green beans with a bit of tapioca. It tastes quite good.

In addition, cutting it into thin slices and applying on acne spots also helps reduce inflammation and flatten acne faster.

Nha đam trị mụn

6. Tapioca powder

You have heard of the tapioca for cooling and detoxifying very well for sure.

Every day, you should drink a cup of tapioca powder mixed with water or if you are more careful, you can cook it to eat.

You should drink it at noon because tapioca powder will lower body heat so if you drink it in cold weather or at night, it is not good at all

Bột sắn dây thanh lọc cơ thể

​7. Fish 

Instead of eating colored meats like beef and pork, you should eat more fishes.

Salmon, mackerel, tuna, halibut, sardines, cod, etc. are not bad choices because they are high in Omega 3 which helps limit sebum secretion and prevents acne so it is very good for your acne treatment process.

Cá hồi giàu omega 3

​8. Green vegetables and fruits

Green vegetables and fruits are always the best source of fiber and vitamins for the body.

Especially when the skin has a lot of acne, supplement of these substances is more necessary than ever.

However, you must also be careful because there are some hot fruits that make you easy to get acne like durian, longan, rambutan, jackfruit, etc.

Ăn mít nổi mụn

You should eat a lot of dark green vegetables such as cruciferous vegetables (spinach, choysum, kale, cabbage …), broccoli, sauropus androgynus, jute vegetable, salad, …

Bông cải xanh tốt

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin A and antioxidants such as lycopene, lutein to whiten skin and quickly fade acne spots.

Cà chua tốt cho mắt

Lettuce, centella asiatica juice or soup can also help you cool your body and treat acne on hot days.

Rau má trị mụn

In particular, moringa oleifera vegetable is a good source of plant protein, you can cook it into soup or make into drinks.

Rau chùm ngây giàu đạm

For tubers, you should eat a lot of carrots and sweet potatoes to supplement vitamin A to heal bruises, beetroot will help you supplement iron and hormones, bean sprouts and soybeans are also an abundant hormonal supply for you.

Nước ép cà rốt đẹp da

9. Animal liver

In addition to carrots or sweet potatoes, animal liver is also a very good source of vitamin A, if you can eat meat, liver is an alternative.

Gan động vật tốt

10. Nuts, beans and grains

A good news is that you don’t have to completely avoid carbohydrates. In contrast, the beans like red beans, black beans, green beans, or grains also contain a lot of fiber and iron to help your skin look beautiful and limit the formation of acne.

Ngũ cốc tốt không

In addition to using brown rice in the meals, you can also use oatmeal to make porridge cooked with vegetables, tubers which also provides adequate nutrients for you to treat acne.

Bột yến mạch tốt cho mụn

You can cook beans into tea or drins as an alternative for water to purify the body.

It is suitable for those who have acne due to heat property in body or because the body accumulates a lot of scum.

The beans give you plenty of fiber and protein to compensate for protein if you have to abstain from red meat.

Uống nước đậu giải nhiệt

In addition, nuts such as pumpkin seeds contain more protein and less fat.

Flaxseed and chia seeds are high in protein, omega 3 and fiber.

Quinoa seeds are rich in protein; Almonds are rich in protein and fiber, etc. so you can also add in your diet.

Walnuts are also very good but it is slightly oily, so just eat with a moderate amount.

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