Bentonite clay – quintessence from underground

Origin of bentonite clay

Tectonic changes of the earth’s crust such as the process of mountains formation and continental transmission, along with earth’s seismic activity leads to volcanic eruptions, thereby weathered volcanic ash becoming bentonite clay or Bentonite mineral mud.

Location of exploitation

Currently it is found only in mineral deposits of Di Linh district – Lam Dong. Mineral mud here has the best reserves and quality in Vietnam.

Bùn khoáng bentonite



Bentonite clay contains Montmorillonite mineral which is mainly hydrated aluminum silicate and some other minerals such as Saponite, Notronite, Beidellite.

It is gray in form of ultra-small powder, with 80% of the powder less than 74 microns, 40% of the powder is less than 44 microns. It is dispersed in oil with a very strong negative charge. When exposing with water, it acts as a magnet.


Therefore, Bentonite clay is widely used in the industry of beauty cosmetics such as skin, teeth, hair care. Skin problems will be solved thoroughly by Bentonite mineral mud such as treating acne, reducing oil, tightening pores, reducing red swelling, fading dark spots, and removing dead cells effectively.

Moreover, it has been studied to combine with sun protection products with high efficacy compared to conventional sunscreen.

Bentonite clay is widely used in masks because of its function to reduce oil, tighten pores, dry and remove acne easily. Besides, it abates red swelling, gently removes dead skin cells to make skin become smooth and white.

Some types of rash treatment cream have a little percentage of this mineral mud, because they are benign, antibacterial, and effective for treating skin lesions.

Currently Hiep Phu Joint Stock Company has researched and manufactured a lot of Bentonite clay products according to advanced technology along with staff to produce clay mask products for consumers.

So we have no reason to not buy a natural skin care product like this.


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